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About the Customs Practitioners Group (CPG)


The CPG aims to further the interests of importers and exporters who are concerned with the impact of non-VAT customs and excise regimes. It achieves this by:


discussing aspects of subjects which are of general concern;

exchanging information on a confidential basis, in order to benefit members' better understanding of the practical workings of the law and interpretation of the law by customs administrations in Europe and elsewhere;

establishing contacts with the relevant customs administrations and other authorities in Europe and elsewhere in order to promote better understanding;

discussing with customs administrations and others ways of simplifying the law and mitigating unfairness in customs matters to economic operators and their advisers, from the practical experience gained within the Group; and

contributing suggestions to European Union and national governmental institutions on existing and proposed legislation.


The CPG is an accredited member and is represented on the UK Joint Customs Consultative Committee. CPG representatives also serve on official working parties addressing and planning problems and improvements in customs law and practices. These include economic reliefs, export procedures, post importation duty recovery, civil penalties, modernised customs code and tariff user group. The CPG also collaborates with other customs interested groups such as the Association Collin de Sussy in France, promoting customs related facilitation for importers and exporters across the globe.



The CPG was established in 1988 as a trade association to represent commercial importers seeking specialist customs advice. Comprising a Council with at least five members, CPG membership is open to any person who has relevant experience. Some members work in professional service firms (accountancy firms, law firms and smaller specialist customs consulting firms) while others are employed as customs specialists in industry and commerce. Most members are in the UK, but others are based in other European countries such as France and Germany, as well as further a field in the United States.


Council Members:

Barbara Scott (Chair)

Michelle Sloane (Honorary Secretary)

Robert Hina (Honorary Treasurer)

Veronica Bennett

Alison Zaremba (Administrator) - for all general queries